October 17, 2021

Benefits Of Using Yard Signs

Benefits Of Using Yard Signs

Yard signs, also known as lawn signs, are small signs mainly used for local advertising by local businesses and are also quite popular during election campaigns. Just as the name implies, yard signs are usually placed on lawns and yards or on a business property and their main purpose is to convey a message to the masses, such as political signs for election campaigns. Because of their portable and colorful nature, these signs stand out as powerful advertising mediums and present plenty of advantages to both businesses and individuals. [Read more…]

Yard Sign Manufacturer, Precision Signz, Drives Record Turnout for Presidential Candidate Town Hall Meeting

Precision Signz Leverages Proven Marketing Strategies and Resources to
Triple Anticipated Attendance for Event Featuring Ben Carson

Dr. Carson at Precision Signz for town hall meeting.

Dr. Carson at Precision Signz for town hall meeting.

BETTENDORF, Iowa – Precision Signz, a leading provider of campaign yard signs, announced today that the company achieved a record turnout for the presidential candidate town hall it hosted on January 7, featuring Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson. Leveraging proven marketing strategies and resources, including the company’s campaign yard signs, Precision Signz successfully tripled anticipated event attendance, attracting nearly 900 Quad City area residents.

“We were honored to host the town hall meeting, as the format of the event provides a more intimate space so that attendees can meet the candidate and ask questions,” said Austin Kimler, Creative Director. “The candidate’s team expected between 150 and 300 attendees. We were able to use our yard signs and our marketing expertise to overwhelmingly exceed their expectations.”

Based in Bettendorf, Iowa, Precision Signz operates state-of-the-art printing facilities and specializes in providing customers with exceptional graphic impression services. For the recent town hall meeting featuring Ben Carson, the company strategically placed campaign yard signs at key intersections throughout the area to drive awareness and excitement.

Onsite, the company provided full custom banners that hung on the surrounding walls with the candidate’s slogan, “Heal – Inspire – Revive” and a step and repeat banner with the candidate’s logo. The company also provided attendees with lapel stickers and polycoated cardboard rally signs.

Due to the overwhelming response, Carson’s campaign management team made the decision to split the event into two separate back-to-back events, demonstrating the candidate’s unprecedented commitment to local supporters having already done two town halls in two different cities earlier in the day.

“The town hall meeting was a success for both the candidate and for the local community, and we were thrilled to play such an integral role,” said Kimler. “The success of the event is a testament to how important custom printed campaign materials are to creating interest, awareness and excitement among voters.”

For more information about Precision Signz and the company’s services, including best-priced yard signs, banners, rally signs, and magnetic signs, visit our main page at https://precisionsignz.com.

Precision Signz Town Hall







Local news was there, KWQC covered the story.

Bag Signs: A Top Notch Solution For New Age Marketing

Have extravagant and colorful banners and signs ever caught your eye on roadways and in yards?

However bright and colorful they may be, they are not to decorate the roadside! Its purpose is to grab the attention of prospective customers and showcase products to choose from. Colorful billboards leave a positive impression in the mind of a customer if it’s done effectively. Nowadays, Organizations are using many different mediums for promotions such as distributing pamphlets, magazines etc. to grab the attention of the prospect. An advertisement has always been a most sought after solution to introduce new product into the market.

For many years, Precision Signz has been known for offering a wide variety of advertising and marketing products, ranging from yard signs, plastic signs, and political signs and Bag Signs. Unlike some other advertising organizations, our signs are made from top class material which ensures high durability, making them ready to face any difficult weather situation.  Our legacy is providing top graphical impression services, serving customers with the finest quality signs, and offering the best priced deals.

Nowadays, promotions using Bag Signs has become very popular because of their small size and mobility. The benefits of these bag sign promotions are great! You can customize it according to your requirements; including printing a logo, a picture or a suitable punchline. You can also use an assortment of attention grabbing colors so they look vibrant and appealing!

In case you are looking for a marketing campaign for your brand, opting for these bag signs will be a best deal to startup. They are cost effective and do not occupy much space. Because of their affordability one can go for larger numbers of bag signs to advertise products at several locations. Plus, since they have a glossy finish, they also look very attractive at night.

Promote Your Business to Newer Heights with Precision Signz and Banner

As we live in the 21st century, we have noticed a drastic change in the society if we compare the present scenario with that of the past. The advancement has surely acted as a boon for us as it has opened numerous doors for new avenues and opportunities. With the amount of resources available to be used, we can try out new things whenever we want. Today, most of us are engaged in running a small or large scale business, depending upon our needs. As we have an independent business, it is important for us to know that we are doing it for the need of people in the society. Having a business alone will not help others unless we try to promote our business so others know about our existence. Advertising as a tool is the most productive. However, sometimes a limited budget doesn’t allow us to reach out to the online advertising. There is surely an alternative available now.

Brands like Precision Signz have become the best choice for offering services through advertising.  We have expertise in categories like corrugated plastic, poly bags, magnets, banners, cardboard and wire signs. Most of the people use yard signs and lawn signs which are an effective way of being in front of the eyes of people. If you start a small business, only one thing will actually help you stand apart from your competition…outdoor business signs! If you open your new business on launch day and have such signs planted for people to see, you surely will get noticed. One of the best things you can do is get your slogan printed on yard signs saying when you are open and where you are. This will help you maximize your customer base. It is a tried and tested method that using these yard business signs will surely give a jump start to your business.

Get Noticed Among Masses with Precision Signz and Banners

For companies and corporations it is very important to be noticed by people who are potential clients. Business owners understand that their existence in the market among the competition clearly depends upon how they stay in front of the eyes of the public. Advertising is a tool which has been used by almost every brand name in order to declare their presence in the society. Companies don’t mind spending any amount of capital in order to advertise themselves. As an audience, our retention power tends to fade out after sometime. Companies and businesses understand this phenomenon and try methods of promotion that allows them to stick around in the audience’s mind for a longer period. With advancement over time, resources and products have become more sophisticated. You can easily choose sturdy banners and stands which are for promoting your business or corporate name and brand. Such banners normally have an image or a slogan which depicts the name and USP of the brand. Even political parties have joined the wagon for advertising and use such banners in order to promote their representative candidate during elections.

Few professional brands like Precision Signz and Banner have taken up a strong hold in the market by providing various kinds of banners and stands which are used by the masses for various purposes. We believe having the right sign makes all the difference. Some of the categories to choose from include corrugated plastic yard signs, poly bag yard signs, magnetic car signs, banners, cardboard yard, rally signs and wire stands. The use of yard signs (also known as lawn signs) are very common in today’s society. We understand that not every business has the capital to spend on print and online advertising, because of this, yard and lawn signs are one of the few methods of advertising that draw clients from all professional areas. Moreover, political campaign yard signs have an equal significance in order to draw attention of potential voters who are on the move. Commuters regularly pass such plastic yard signs on a regular basis and as a result, names of candidates become easier to remember.

One thing is for sure; such items certainly have the potential of raising your business or image in front of your audience.

Enhance Your Hemisphere of Reach with Poly Bag Signs

In today’s highly competitive world, it has become very important for all corporate business names and brands to stay noticeable in the eyes of people and to avoid popularity deficiency. One of the major ways to stay in touch with people is by using this mode of advertising which has also emerged as a leader in the last few years. Advertising has become so strong that it has evolved as a necessity rather than an option. It helps in giving any organization or business a name and a face. The normal tendency of people is that they have to be reminded about the existence of the particular company or brand, which is known as recall value in the field of advertising. The basic and fastest way is by the use of poly bag signs which have their own advantages and assists in reaching out to maximum number of people. Even some political parties have emerged and engaged in using such products for their social promotion and vote banks.

The use and application of Poly Bag signs are effective and at the same time, affordable. Sometimes clients have a restricted budget. So the best option for such a situation is the Poly Bag sign which becomes the best way of advertising. Some of the benefits of using these sign bags are that they are more cost efficient and if compared with cardboard signs, they require two steps to manufacture. These sign bags are coated with polyethylene which helps in protecting them from harsh weather conditions. These are easier to transport, as these can be folded, boxed and unloaded more easily than cardboard which is made of material that is significantly thicker. Another benefit of these signs is that they are eco-friendly wherein the public continues to demand environment friendly efforts from both the private and public sector.

Be Noticeable To the Masses with Corrugated Signs

People have accepted the idea of innovation so much so that this very idea is being implemented in every profession, whether corporate, business, or personal cause. Developers and manufacturers have also started a cycle of producing innovative products and services which benefit the society. Change is inevitable to happen at regular intervals of time and people are beautifully coping up with the very same. Experiment is the call of the day and many people jump in the pool of trying out new things, which most of the time succeeds. But out of everything, one thing is clear, the best tool and best service is always looked at by people to save time and money. Sign boards are items which are used worldwide for advertising and information purposes. Many companies, organizations, public and private forums and political parties avail these sign boards in a big way. In order to reach out to the people and to let them know about the existence of such causes, these tried and true products are used rigorously.

Corrugated plastic signs have really caught the eye of people who look for promoting their brand, product or themselves. These sign owners are overwhelmed with the rapid response of buyers. It should be noticed that these signs are lightweight and a cost effective solution that can be easily mounted in many ways due to its versatility. It is an ideal and unique way to represent a cause, political candidate, or simply show to passerby customers a  promotional sale at a business. These signs are sturdier than plastic bag signs. Some of the examples of these amazing signs being used are menu boards, indoor signs, temporary signage, yard signs, trade shows, special events, directorial signs and many more.

Yard Signs- The Right Signs Make all The Difference

When you think of yard signs, you probably think of election campaign signs or real estate sign sales. However, all kinds of businesses use these signs and CAN use these signs to accomplish a variety of marketing goals. These types of signs will help to build the brand, promote the business, and drive traffic to any business or organization who needs it. There are many other types of marketing, but they are much more expensive and might not prove to be as effective.

These signs are usually made of a hard plastic that is durable and designed to withstand weather. There are other types of signs, as well, including bag-style signs that are placed over wire sign holders for a less expensive type of marketing tool. If you have a certain budget in mind, make sure that you find the signs that best suit those specific budget needs.

When you invest in your business, you will reap the rewards. Customers cannot find your business unless they know that it exists and how to find it. Show them what you have to offer with yard signs. When you first start your business, these signs are great for building confidence and awareness of your brand. Later, they can be used for promotions, sales, and other special events that you want people to be informed about.

Figure out what would most attract people to your business. Doing this will ensure that you get the right signs, no matter what. Imagine that you are a consumer and figure out what would best get your attention when it comes to yard signs. Think about the designs that you like and which of those would generate the most interest so that you can choose the perfect signs.

Lawn signs are found all over the place, and can be useful in many locations. Keep them in front of your business to draw people in. Use them on high-traffic roads and at major intersections so that they get the best visibility. It does not matter how many signs you put out there, because the location is much more important than you might realize.

The right marketing tools and campaigns will help to generate interest in your business, increase customer volume and sales, and get more people invested in you as a business owner. It does not matter what type of organization or business you have, or even what your budget is for yard signs. As long as you check out the options and find effective signs for your business, that’s all that matters.     Order Yard Signs Here