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Affordable and Durable
If you are planning to have a yard sale, farmers’ market, outdoor crawfish boil or you are running for office, you need a custom yard sign or political campaign signs.  You are in the market for durable outdoor signage that can be used to convey your message and direct people to your location or campaign. If you are looking for a signage solution that is both affordable and durable, then you should consider our polycoated cardboard signs. These signs are made of strong cardboard material that has been coated with polyethylene on both sides. These polycoated cardboard signs are made to be folded in the middle like a typical sandwich board so that your message or candidate’s name can be clearly seen on both sides. Please note that the boards come flat, you may have us fold them for an additional charge.

These signs are very versatile and can be used with traditional stakes or wire frames, which we include at no extra charge. These signs can be placed in yards or side lots or even stapled to the sides of a building or a telephone pole for even greater visibility. These polycoated yard signs come in five different sizes so you can be sure to find the size that is best for your purposes. If you are looking for a large quantity of polycoated cardboard signs, please contact our customer services representatives to see if the necessary materials are available.

Outdoor Polycoated Cardboard Signs 24 point Posterboard

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These prices include 7 gage [ wire frames ] and become two sided.

[Colors ][ Example one color sign ] [ Example two color sign ]

outdoor plastic signs
14 x 22 folds
to 14 x 11

bandit lawn signs
22 x 28 folds
to 22 x 14

Use polycoated cardboard yard signs for a durable sign to use for yard sales, special events, and any other event you can think of. These are affordable signs that are great for placing in the yard, on corners, and can even be stapled to telephone poles to get your message out easily and quickly.

These yard signs are made to fold in half, which is easily done, then placing them using the steel wire frames stakes that are provided. These polycoated yard signs come in five different sizes so you can be sure to find the size that is best for your purposes.