Road Side Signs



Road side signs or Bandit signs may be the most affordable means of getting a buyer or seller’s attention.   Whether you need just a few corrugated plastic bandit yard signs, a few hundred poly coated cardboard signs, or a few thousand plastic bag signs, nothing builds top of mind awareness like a road side sign.

Perhaps the hardest thing to help a business or charity to understand about their bandit signs is that less is more and smaller stays longer.  It’s true; a simple sign is more memorable.  Smaller signs seem to be less intrusive so municipalities and owners of right-of-way tend to leave them up longer.  Often, repeated exposure is more valuable than eye catching.  If you keep your message brief, it will be read and remembered; you need nothing more.

One way to make your signs stand out frombuysigns the rest without spending any more money is to have them printed vertically.  That is, taller than they are wide.  They will immediately look different from the clutter of real estate and political signs.  They’ll stand up taller above the weeds and the narrower base of support helps them to stand up to the wind.

With this in mind, you may wish to order more signs.  You aren’t likely to get them back. When they disappear it’s time to put up another set.  Be kind; make sure others get an opportunity and move your locations about a bit.  You may find that it will make your hosts a little more accommodating.

Many of our best bandit sign advertisers are contractors.  They have found that their signs work best if they do not list their specific company and the unlisted phone number is manned by an anonymous recording.  They can always reveal themselves when they return calls, keeping property owners, as well as municipalities from contacting them directly with complaints.

Of course, your road side signs can also be great job site or event signs.  Is yours a small grassroots political campaign?  The same rules which apply to the business community can help you build the name recognition you need to win an election.   The Supreme Court has ruled that political road side signs are constitutionally protect free speech.  Just be sure to check with your county before placing your signs on what may or may not be public property. Regardless of the type or size you may choose, there is no more cost effective means of gaining the repeat exposure you need to inspire action than with road side signs.