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Real Estate Signs

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If you are in the real estate business, you know what it is like to deal with cut throat competition in your backyard every day. Realtors are constantly competing to get the right set of eyeballs noticing the properties that they have listed in order to book the most appointments and get the sale. In tough economic times, those in the real estate industry have to work extra hard in order to attract new customers and get houses sold.

Real estate yard signs allow professionals to quickly customize colorful signs that stand out from the competition and get more results. Combine eye-catching graphics, with engaging backgrounds and unique shapes to attract attention. One of the most popular real estate signs is “For Sale By Owner” signs.  House shaped yard signs also attract a lot of customers. They can be used to quickly let visitors know the number of bedrooms or bathrooms included in a home. Include a contact phone number or website address on the sign to offer more information.

Whether you are looking for custom printed open house signs that you can use over and over again, or temporary signs for a single listing that can be used to attract attention to one property in particular, Precision Signz can print a sign to meet your needs. We offer real estate signs made from plastic bags, polycoated cardboard, and corrugated plastic signs as well as sign riders and directional signs for letting people know where the property is located.  If you are interested in getting an edge over the competition, contact us about our property signs today.

Real Estate Signs

How Real Estate Signs Can Help You Sell Your Property


If you are going to sell your or a client’s home, or a different piece of property that you own? Perhaps you have already made the choice and are now looking at how to proceed.  It is imperative that you work diligently to promote the using the correct tools.  Otherwise, you will likely encounter difficulty finding a buyer.

One of the most important aspects of your selling process is that you appear professionally prepared for the sale. Real estate signs are one means of accomplishing this goal. You have many choices available when it comes to the signs you can use for promotion. Do not attempt to sell your home or another piece of property with a cheap, generic sign that you bought at your local big box outlet. This sends a poor message to the buying public.

There are a variety of options for signs to help sell properties, including open house signs. By going this route, you can ensure that your signs are coordinated and attractive. With a minimal investment, your signs will stand out above the other for houses for sale or for sale by owner properties that people encounter.

You need to have a big sign for the yard that people can easily read when driving by. It should contain contact information and, in smaller print, more details about the home. While you may not think it necessary to provide a great deal of information regarding the number of bedrooms and amenities that come with the home, this will help potential buyers to determine if it could be the right property without wasting their time and yours.

You can purchase a small brochure box and place copies of the property description inside. Consider adding a couple of photos, such as the kitchen or the backyard if it cannot be seen from the road. Use bullet points and keep the text tight. You should only use one side of each sheet. Keep ten or so in the box at all times for a passerby to grab if they are considering purchasing a similar piece of land in the near future.

Real Estate Signs

Having an open house is a great way to increase exposure for your residential and commercial properties. Have a few signs made for it to help direct potential buyers find their way to your property. Make sure to have these done by the same company for visual continuity.

While all of these signs will help to grab attention to the land you are selling, you also need to check the curb appeal of the property. Stand at the side of the road, and attempt to take an unbiased view of the landscaping, the buildings and anything else on the land. This part of your property should be pristine if you are serious about selling.

Hire a professional landscaping company to edge your driveway, sidewalks and other areas that need it. Additionally, they should trim the lawn and all of your trees, hedges and bushes. Depending upon your circumstances, you may need additional work done. Old gardens should be removed, perhaps replaced by some wildflowers if you do not want to invest a great deal into fixing it up.

Pressure wash the exterior of the building and the driveway to remove accumulated dirt and debris. If you have oil stains on the drive, make certain that these are completely removed.

Once you have cleaned the exterior, inspect it to see if you need a new paint job. If it has been done in the past decade, probably not. However, you may want to touch up your trim or change the color to give it a brighter effect.

Many people choose to sell their homes and other pieces of property directly in a private contract. You can find success with this as well if you are properly prepared. One aspect is making sure that your home looks great on the outside and has professional looking advertising. Using customized real estate signs to show off your land along with brochures and an open house should pay off in attracting potential buyers to your land for sale.