July 4, 2020

Bandit Corrugated Plastic Templates

Designing your Sign is Easy!

Below are common sign layouts that you can use for a starting point in our Online Designer. After you find a template you like, just choose 1 sided or 2 sided to launch the sign editor. Once in the designer you can choose your sign size, white or yellow corrugated plastic, ink colors etc. Your sign design can be as easy as just changing the name on the template to your name, using the template as a starting point, or you can start from scratch and make your very own design! If you don’t want to design your sign online or if you have a layout already you can email us a description of the sign you want or the print ready art at Sales@mypsz.com and we will design it for *free. Go ahead and give us a Call if you need any help! 866-744-6778